Posted on July 29, 2016

How to choose character shoes

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  1. Is there enough cushioning or are you bottomingout?..

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  3.             Wethink that Ballroom heels shouldbe your top choicefor Ballroom, Swing and Salsa dancing; the Latin andTango heels will tilt you too far forward and your butt willstick out. Latin heels are best reserved for thecompetition-oriented English/International StyleLatin-Ballroom dancers,with their astonishing Englishinterpretation of Latin dancing (weird but pretty) and itsextremely specialized posture. West CoastSwing male dancersoften prefer Latin heels, too, for the slightly forwardposture they enforce. Tango heels should be your topchoice for Argentine Tango, although for Beginners, Ballroomor Latin shoes will do just fine.            WARNING:At many dance shoe stores, the staff will recommend Latinheels for Swing dancing and Salsa dancing. They are wrong.They are doing this with good intentions but based only onconversations with English/International StyleLatin-Ballroom dancers. But no one dances genuine Swingor Salsa with that posture,so those are thewrong shoes.            Details:Pointy heelor chunky heel?..

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  1. • High-densitycushioning            -Expensive materials such as Poron            - Very effective -- your foot never "bottoms out"            -Can dance many extra hours without footfatigue..

  2. On thispage:• Whatto buy     - Ballroomshoes     - Swingshoes     -Dancesneakers     - Insoles• Howto buy• Whereto buy• AlternativesRelatedpages on our web site:• Do-It-YourselfSuede Soles•SuedeSoles Maintenance (wire brush,etc.)• Dancingon bad (slippery orsticky)floors..

  3. Try multiple sizes and multiple brands. Dance shoemanufacturers all cut their shoes differently. And theirsizes vary a lot fromwhat you'd expect. Try on lots andlots of shoes. (To help you approximate the size you'llneed, you can find an excellentsizes chart for most of the major manufacturers atPatterson's/Back Bay Dancewear's web site. We recommend youprint it and take itwith you when shopping.)..

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  2. For ease of movement, preventing injury and to care for your feet long term, a correctly fitting dance shoe is so important..

  3. How to tell if there isa steel reinforcing shank: Hold the shoein your hands and gently try to bend the toedownward and towards the heel. If the shoe bendsfairly easily in the middle (just in front of theheel), there is no shank. If you can bend the toebut not the middle of the shoe, there is ashank..