Posted on August 4, 2016

Custom made baby furniture johannesburg

Cots available at our showroom 

Such a large amount of time during your baby’s first few years will be spent sleeping, usually in his or her cot. This is more than enough reason to ensure that your baby’s cot is not only great to look at but functional and sturdy as well. The baby nursery cots we manufacture are modern yet timeless. Paired with a matching compactum will already give your baby’s room a homely feel. 

Our range of Compactums 

As mentioned above, paired with the perfect cot our baby compactums will have a larger effect on the nursery than you would think. More importantly though, these compactums provide a massive amount of storage space for any baby products, clothing and toys. The flat surface on top of the compactum provides you with a large working space for changing or bathing your baby. Adding the tray as an accessory to the Sleigh Compactum allows for easy removal of everything placed on the compactum during the day.  

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