Posted on July 28, 2016

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  1. Laboratory Exploration: A Journal of Complicated Methods and Pathology.1988;58:249..

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  3. Yes, certainly the medicine is effective if taken at the right time guided on the prescription. The best time to consume is to take the drug 60 to 120minutes before the planned sex. Dapoxetine is capable to delay the ejaculate after penetration hence providing more time to the couple to enjoy andhave fun. However, in most men the effect loses after 3 to 5 hours however some have claimed to retain the effect for as long as 8 hours. Research hasrevealed that Dapoxetine, in its oral form has found to give better result in more than 75% of men. However, it may react in different person withdifferent intensity, but has found to provide satisfactory results in most of the cases..

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  2. For most patients, the starting dose is 60 mg. You may be prescribed Dapoxetine 30 mg or Dapoxetine 60 mg, while somepatients may require Dapoxetine120 mg if they did not respond to theoriginal one..

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