Posted on July 15, 2016

Riego automatico casero indoor soccer

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Yes, sure, midfield is comprised of Real Madrid (Luka Modrić) and Barcelona (Ivan Rakitić) stars supported by Inter Milan duo Perišić and Brozović can dominate any midfield on this competition. Add Mandžukić upfront and you have a killing machine on the pitch. Why doesn’t it work then?


Defensive line is a mess, particularly weakened with coach Čačić leaving our Dejan Lovren (Liverpool) for disobedience. Preparation stage offered several solutions and trials in which they were looking for options. None of them seemed convincing.  I have to add that Croatian Football Federation is riddled with corruption and animosity for years now with no redemption at the end of the tunnel just yet. Atmosphere isn’t good.

Turkey on the other hand is in a good momentum under Terim the Imperator and even though they don’t sound as formidable on paper they have a ‘team’ unlike Croatia. Their midfield is extremely creative lead by Arda Turan. Several regulars have had a fantastic season (Ozyakup, Calhanoglu, Malli just to name a few).


Their history is a turbulent one, probably most remembered by shocking finish in Austria 2008 when Turkey kicked Croatia out in QFs.






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