Posted on July 9, 2016

scacchi meaning

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  1. By night, Tom lives the life of an assassin, an outlaw, a czar of the underworld, via his trips to the movies. By day, he works in a factory. In theapartment he shares with mother Amanda (Greta Stacchi) and sister Laura, the air hangs thick with the scent of sickly sweet flowers and his mother’soppressive nostalgia. Laura barely survives it, a shadow of herself, clinging desperately to her only solace, a beloved glass menagerie..

  2. GM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi, who recently started working with GM Anish Giri, won the Lake Sevan tournament on Tuesday. The Indian player edged out GMVladislav Artemiev on tiebreak.“I'm often asked how incredibly much I must have learned,&..

  3. In this pleasant position White has an advantage in central space, though Black’s position is solid. And, of course, Black threatens to chop thepawn on a2 by..

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  1. The pieces are identified as follows: N for Knight, B for Bishop, R for Rook, Q for Queen, and K for King. The pawn may be given a P, but it isunderstood that it is a pawn if there is no letter in front of it. The pieces are capitalized and the squares it moves to are in lower case (Bb5 isBishop to the b5 square)..

  2. Checkmate in different languagesThe term for the end of the game is checkmate,which is derived from the Persian words shah('king') and mat('defeated'), the expression "the king is defeated"..

  3. When a player whose turn it is has no legal moves by any of his/her pieces, but is not in check. A stalemate is a draw. A stalemate tactic would occurwhen the objective/goal of the puzzle was to force a stalemate from an otherwise lost or unfavorable position..

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  1. The opening hasn’t been kind for White and now Black has more than one promising choice. Can you see Black’s various plusses?..

  2. White sacrificed a pawn for a lead in development. The fact that Black’s king is in the center while White’s is safely castled (Meaning noworries for the white king while the kingside rook can come into play!..

  3. For most Finns /š/ or /sh/is merely a foreign phoneme or never been in actual use.Just like in Latin and Spanish, Finnish has just one sibilant, the usual /s/.In fewwords of foreign origin /sh/ is found in the orthography,but these words are usually pronounced as /s/.There is a tendency to write s instead ofsh, eg sampoo'shampoo' and sokki 'shock'..