Posted on August 4, 2016

Scaachi koul

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  1. *During the early months of courtship, the younger female contemplates the likelihood that her boyfriend has a secret family in Vermont. (The movie ismostly footage of her digging through his drawers, looking for signs that he’s actually saddled with twin daughters and a very hot, age-appropriatewife.)..

  2. Is there something to be said about the form orstructure of web writing that offers an opportunity to even out the playing field?..

  3. While solid formulas are still the status quo, liquid lipstick has started gaining popularity with larger brands such as Revlo​n and Lu​sh. Smallerbrands, including Lim​eCrime, Jeffree Star Cosmet​ics, and Anastasia Beve​rly Hills (now one of the makeup prizes on RuPaul’s Drag Race, which isa BIG DEAL), are all making their own liquid formulas too. This is what I've been waiting for: something I can apply first thing in the morning, touchup at lunch, and otherwise ignore it, regardless of whatever unholy action my mouth is performing that day..

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  1. My mom is nearby in the living room of the home where I grew up, playing Shoots and Ladders with my niece. “I wanted a brown mayor,” she says quietly,adding that she voted for him the first time around solely because of his ethnicity. “Racism is still here. It hasn’t gone with Nenshi coming orgoing.”..

  2. Incredibly, the backlash to Koul’s call for diverse writers didn’t end there; she also tweeted that she was “starting to get tweetsfrom white men saying that my (white, male) boss should rape and/or murder me as professional discipline,” and has since deleted her Twitteraccount. (It’s worth wondering if Silverman would have received comparable harassment if he’d tweeted the exact same thing asKoul—somehow, I think not.)..

  3. They’re the wrong kinds of seals and they’d be culled..

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  1. Theonly part of me that never seemed fully formed was my breasts. At the time, my appreciation of adult boobs came from either my mother (C to Ds thatwere perfectly symmetrical and engulfed my face when we hugged) or hardcore Internet pornography (gravity-defying tits with pink nipples stretched tothe limit of human elasticity)..

  2. Scaachi Koul is an assistant editor and writer at Hazlitt magazine. She can’t find her phone. Can someone call her phone?..

  3. (The rest of us, meanwhile, were asking, how does that fuckingmatter??..