Posted on August 16, 2016

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HomeNET is the platform developed by AirQ Networks dedicated to Home Automation. With HomeNET it’s really easy to automate different aspects of your home, with a little effort. HomeNET it’s many things at the same time. It’s a control unit, which is the heart of an AirQ Networks wireless system. The control unit is responsible to interact with control boards (boards equipped with relay and inputs) and wireless sensors, and allows user to control them under a powerful web interface. It’s a complete system too: with more than fifteen different wireless control boards and wireless sensors, HomeNET gives the user the ability to control every aspect of its home. And many other types of wireless devices are coming in this 2013.HomeNET it’s a professional product sold at a really competitive price: a complete starter kit has a price of €199,00!

Design your Smart Home. Wirelessly.

HomeNET is the new platform from AirQ Networks dedicated to smart home automation. With HomeNET it’s really simple to automate your home in really few steps, without altering structure of the electrical plant.

HomeNET is wireless. This means that you can interconnect different devices without using long, expensive and invasive cables. It provides an integrated powerful web server that allows user to access devices through an Internet connection (both local then remote).

HomeNET working is really simple and straightforward. Once it’s powered and linked to the network thorough a network router or a switch, user can access to its functionalities thorough a web browser.

HomeNET is equipped with a powerful and flexible rule system that allow user to build complex applications. Through rules user can decide how AirQ Networks devices interacts each other. Moreover, rules allows user to set up alarms related to particular events: alarms can be sent both through E-Mail and SMS (text) messages.

Wireless is not just optional. It’s what makes it different. These days wiring is expensive in terms of wires and installation costs. Additional costs may be required to obtain authorization for the renewal of existing installations. AirQ Networks technology enables to cover wide areas easily and modify position of devices at your needs. Unlike other wireless products, AirQ Networks devices offer a longer coverage allowing to cover large areas and whole buildings using the same HomeNET control unit. This dramatically simplifies the installation and reduces your investment.

Everything under control. From everywhere.

Powerful rules system

Rules are device dependent. This means that each kind of device define it’s set of actions and conditions, allowing to build complex scenario without the need to use specific and expensive hardware.

Rule system is completely customizable, and it fully integrated inside the HomeNET web server. There is no need to use external software, or PC.


The engine it’s the best part.

The new dashboard. Stunning and powerful.

The new dashboard is impressive and powerful in the same time. It allows you to organize your devices as you like. Thanks to its live update technology, you can see in real time what happens to devices, without refreshing the page. Dashboard is a collection of small widgets addable with a really easy drag ‘n drop interface. Every widget is related to a detail of a device included in your system:

  • Switching widget for I/O boards relays.
  • On/off icons for I/O boards inputs.
  • Temperature for temperature sensors.
  • A real-time data-trend graph for sensors.
  • And much more.

For each widget, you can change icon to give a special meaning for a particular device. For example, you can add a widget for a relay that commands light of your living room: in this case is preferable use a switch icon.

Control the status of your devices

HomeNET allows you to control the status of all devices of your system. Boards status view can do it. In this view you can control:

  • I/O boards status. For each I/O board you can see status of relays and inputs (on/off). Clicking on a relay icon you can turn on or turn off it;
  • Sensors status. For each sensor you can see the last data detected;
  • Date and time of last detection of every device;
  • Signal status and power status of every device;

Data history

HomeNET allows you to see history of the system. You can see sensors data trends or previous I/O status of your control boards. You can customize time interval of histories and print tables.

Make system intelligent with rules

custom use casesalarmsconditionactions

  • If it’s 19:00, turn on living room and kitchen light.
  • If doorstep is open, send an email message to user address.
  • If temperature is lower than 10°C, turn on heating system.

no programming skills are required, no programming code is required

HomeNET interface allows you to activate/deactivate rules whenever you want.

Mobile ready

HomeNET provides a clear mobile interface for phone and tablets. From mobile interface you can do basic HomeNET operations:

  • To control devices status (relays, inputs, sensors data etc…).
  • To command switches.
  • To see histories and graphs.

Free software updates. For every one.


How to install?

It’s really simple to install HomeNET. Usually there is no need to call an electrician.  You’ll need a screwdriver and few other tools. These are the typical steps needed to install HomeNET.




Compatible devices

HomeNET allows you to enter in a complete and growing system. These are just few example of wireless devices compatible with HomeNET. And new device types will be available during the second part of 2013.

HomeNET has a really affordable price for every one. You can save buying one of our starter kits.

1Shipping costs are not refundable in any case. Refund will be sent if all technical checks give positive result. All devices must be free of permanent signs.




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