Posted on July 27, 2016

Small di irrigazione automatically adjust

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Irrigation starts with sourcing water for the crop from groundwater or surface water from a channel or storage pond. Pumps used at the water intake need to meet changing conditions above and below ground, which have an effect on the pressure and flow required from day to day and from season to season.

A pumping system must be able to deliver the right amount of pressure and flow at the nozzle. Traditionally, water has been distributed from the water source at low or constant pressure from pumps operating atsingle speed, where the simple solution is to oversize the pump. However, this is wasteful – of energy, water, and the of the farmer’s investment.

Grundfos can supply variable speed pumps that are able to adjust its head and flow to compensate for changes in water levels, reducing energy bills. If filtration is required at the water intake, intelligent pump controls ensure that reduced pressure at the nozzle does not happen over time.

Dedicated to modern agricultural irrigation

Grundfos can supply irrigation pumping solutions that reduce energy costs, safeguards the water resource, and keeps productivity at its best. Our pumping expertise and technology ensure uniform coverage despite changeable conditions. Grundfos offers the industry’s broadest line of irrigation pumping systems. Our pumping systems are efficient, tested for reliability and designed to work seamlessly with modern farming operations.

No matter how big or small the application, Grundfos can supply the necessary pressure and flow for modern agricultural irrigation. Variable speed pumps and easily integrated controllers automatically react to changing conditions and demands to keep running costs down. Each component in the system is pre-engineered to work seamlessly with the next.


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