Posted on August 3, 2016

Mobile vip numbers

Access Numbers for International Calls

When placing international calls, there are a few different international calling numbers to meet your needs. Depending on your current mobile or home phone service provider, you’re able to receive direct access (primary or alternative) or toll free access to make international calls. Although either method works exceptionally well, the direct access number is one cent cheaper when compared to the toll free access number to save you even more money.

Cheap Access Numbers for International Calls

You’ll enjoy call quality you can trust because we maintain strong relationships with leading telecom carries across the world to ensure call quality is never compromised. We exclusively focus on delivering the high quality, cheap international calling you need to stay connected with friends and family in other countries.

We stand behind our service to provide unsurpassed call quality and cheap access numbers for international calls so you won’t miss a word. Join VIP today to benefit from the ultimate international calling services.


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Personalised Mobile Phone Numbers

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Vip mobile d.o.o. is a private mobile operator, owner of the third mobile telephony license for GSM and UMTS networks in Serbia and exclusive strategic partner of Vodafone. Vip mobile is a member of Telekom Austria Group, which has over 24 million customers across eight countries in the region and is recognized as a leader in innovations for it continually develops new technologies and services and is the first one to introduce them into the market. As of May 1st 2015 Vip mobile has been operating within TAG organizational unite “Serbia& Slovenia”.

On November 7, 2006, after the deep research and analyses of the Serbian telecommunications market, Telekom Austria Group became a owner of the third mobile telephony license in Serbia, through a payment of € 320 million plus one euro. Vip mobile launched the Vip brand already on June 6, 2007. We are very proud of the fact that we succeeded in establishing a new operator in the Serbian market in just six months. Most of the mobile operators worldwide on average took 11 months after the license obtaining to start operating.

The company has so far made capital investments in the amount of € 916.6 million in license, network roll-out, procurement and implementation of latest equipment, opening of its own shops across Serbia, education of employees and marketing activities, which makes us the biggest Greenfield investment in Serbia so far. By offering the real alternative in the mobile communications in terms of customer experience, products and services at favorable prices, nowadays Vip has more than 2.1 million satisfied customers in Serbia, 22.5% market share and our services are available at 330 points of sales, including 84 Vip centers across Serbia. The company employs more than 900 young local experts with an average age of 32.

Since the start-up of its operations, Vip mobile has been intensively building its state-of-the-art mobile network, which resulted in a fact that we are the only mobile operator in Serbia whose network quality excellence is certified by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. Vip is the winner of the first independent mobile network quality measuring test for 2011 and 2012 organized by magazine "connect" in cooperation with P3 Communications.

In February 2011, we launched the first mobile broadband network in Serbia, based on advanced HSPA+ technology, which provides our customers with exceptionally fast mobile internet service on their mobile phones or USB modems, and currently covers as much as 86% of the population.

Vip mobile is also the first operator to launch 4th generation network 4G LTE for customers in Serbia, in March 2015. The latest network technology provides superior data speeds and multimedia content transfer, as well as almost instant network response and on line content loading. Data speeds are multiple times faster than in existing 3G network. Also, Vip mobile is the first in Serbia to launch 4G+ signal, which is the next step in the development of 4G (LTE Advanced) technology enabling the fastest data transmission speeds to date and instantaneous response of network and Internet. Currently, Vip 4G+ network is available to the users in the parts of Novi Beograd and Pančevo

At Vip, customers always come first, and we wish for this to be recognized as a main feature of our company since the first day its operation in Serbia. We care for our customers and therefore we are dedicated to connecting them, wherever they are. We are devoted to providing the best products and services at favorable prices.

While achieving increasingly better business results, Vip mobile also aims to be involved in improving the local community, and for this reason we also continuously invest into the environment, sports, culture, education. By accepting the responsibility for its operation and impact, Vip mobile, through the socially responsible operation, initiates positive changes in the society and contributes to improving the quality of living in Serbia.

We have established a direct and professional contact with our customers by means of modern communication tools. For any information on Vip products and services feel free to contact us via the 24/7/365 Customer Service, at 060/1234.