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fiat linea price in chennai

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  1. The facelifted Fiat Linea gets a revised fascia and the most noticeable changes are to the new bumper which now has more bling with a dash of chromeand houses the updated fog lamps console. The conservative square pattern grille has been ditched in favour of a more contemporary slat design. It isthe same case with the Fiat logo which is now smaller and has more of a tear drop shape as compared to the current car’s round shape..

  2. Fiat Linea Elegante 1.3 L Advanced Multijet Diesel..

  3. The side view also brings out the staid three-box profile of the car which somehow doesn't seem unexciting at all where the Linea is concerned. It'sprobably because of those wonderful alloy rims on the top-end variants, whose multi-spoke design, as with all Fiat alloy rims, will make you want tosteal them if you own a Fiat. At the rear, the Linea echoes the front with the boot-lid and bumper mirroring each other, and a row of three reflectorsin each tail-lamp..

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  1. Interiors:If judged on their own merit, the interiors reasonably well styled and well made. Our car had been used and abused by the entire journalistfraternity but hardly showed any signs of wear and tear. A dual tone, beige & black color scheme has been used to good effect and makes theinteriors feel bigger than they actually are. Inspite of being the only car in its class longer than 4.5 meters, the interior space is surprisinglytight. Over long distances, we found the rear bench much more comfortable than the front seats which caused lumbar pains to whoever sat in themirrespective of the person’s height and weight..

  2. AutoPortal will sell faster with right market price..

  3. Fiat Linea Elegante 1.3 L Advanced Multijet Diesel..

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  1. Yes, I'm interested in Liberty Videocon General Insurance.Cheapest and the best General Insurance in India..

  2. Rs. 2.35 lakhs to Rs. 9.50 lakhs, depending on the car variant and other factors..

  3. Fiat Linea Dynamic 1.3 L Advanced Multijet Diesel - This model is a diesel variant and the engine has a displacement of 1248cc, and it is mated to amanual gearbox. It has a mileage of 20.4 kmpl. It achieves a maximum power of 92 bhp at 4000 RPM and maximum torque of 209 Nm at 2000 RPM..

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