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fiat linea price in mumbai

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  1. The interiors of this top class sedan, Fiat Linea T Jet Plus are very stirring with posh seats, which have been covered with high quality premiumleather upholstery. The seating arrangement is very fulsome with comfy seats that have good lumbar support. The inside plastic as well as othersurfaces are done up very nicely with first rate materials, which are giving this sedan a cultured look. There are quite a number of storage spaces inthis luxury sedan with a large glove box, bottle holders along with map pockets behind the front seats, cup holders and a sun glass holder along withboth driver and front passenger side sun visor, which adds to the usefulness of the interiors. The dual tone soft dash board is very smooth and hasthe central console, which has the advanced audio system as well as the air conditioner operating controls. The instrument cluster is radiant withpertinent back lighting and more than a few notification lamps, which assists the driver with up to date information. The steering wheel is wrapped inhigh quality leather upholstery along with the gear shift lever as well as the hand brake, which gives a sophisticated look to the insides of thissedan. The company has used a lot of chrome elements inside the Fiat Linea T Jet Plus as well to add to the elegance and make this sedan look gracefuland refined. There is also an internal day and night rear view mirror in this lavish sedan along with an internal roof light that has a dimming effectand also has a night panel on it. The vanity mirror comes with illumination that adds to the comfort during the night. This loaded premium sedan alsogets a rear roof light, which is very helpful for the back seat passengers and does not affect the driver while driving. To further enhance thecomfort of the back seat, the company has also equipped this premium sedan with a rear center arm rest. This added luxury comes with a glove box tokeep smaller things at hand and also a couple of cup holders as well. The rear seat passengers also get the luxuriousness of a collapsible rear suncurtain on both the rear side windows, which adds to the privacy level of these passengers..

  2. In our opinion, Fiat Linea is a decent car to go with. Despite of a few shortcomings, it has enough features that offer a great value for money.Besides, its performance is simply the best in its class. Its cabin is spacious and far more comfortable in the C-segment. However, it lacks thestyling of a modern car, which is unfortunate. If you are a budget-conscious person and looking for a reliable and a durable car in the segment, thenLinea is the one for you..

  3. Rs. 3.80 lakhs to Rs. 6.75 lakhs, depending on the car variant and other factors..

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  1. Thank you for submission. We will contact you shortly. For any queries you may reach us at bikeloan@zighweels.com..

  2. Survey No 36,Bhiwandi Kalyan Road,Tal. Kalyan Village Pimpalghar,Maharashtra,Kalyan - 421 311..

  3. Rs. 3.33 lakhs to Rs. 7.75 lakhs depending on the car model and other factors..

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  1. Apart from these, this luxury sedan has also been fitted with the advanced ABS (anti lock braking system)with the highly developed EBD (electronic brake force distribution) system as well to further enhance the braking system of this vehicle. Then again,the suspension system for the front axle has been incorporated with an independent wheel along with powerful helical coil springs and it also has thesturdy double acting telescopic dampers and stabilizer bars as well. While the rear wheel axle gets a torsion beam with helical coil springs and asimilar double acting telescopic dampers and stabilizer bar as well. All these put together takes good care of the stability and balance of this sedanand helps in giving a trouble free driving experience to the passengers..

  2. © FCA India Automobiles Private Limited f.k.a Fiat Group Automobiles India Private Limited..

  3. The high-end 'Emotion' variant on the other hand gets sophisticated features including a cruise control unit, ambient lighting on dashboard,premium leather seating upholstery and 16-inch alloy wheels..

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