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fiat linea price in pune

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  1. At the rear, the facelifted Fiat Linea now gets a large chrome strip running along the width of the boot in a bid to give the car a more premiumappeal. The number plate has now moved from the bumper to the bootlid and that gets a chrome strip as well. Thanks to the revision of the numberplate, the logos and badging too have moved from just above the bumper to the top of the bootlid. A noticeable feature is the chrome strip under eachof the brake light assemblies which by the look of it will further brighten the lamps when they are on..

  2. Inside, the changes are more pronounced as the car gets a more premium two-tone dashboard and we expect that this will be offered across the range.The centre console has been redesigned and integrates a new audio system with Bluetooth support..

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  1. On the sides, the facelifted Fiat Linea remains the same as the current car and this includes the flared wheel arches, metallic strip running alongthe base as well as the forward slanting stance. The car is offered in six colours: Tuscan Wine, New Pearl White, Mangnesio Grey, Hip Hop Black,Sunbeam Gold and Minimal Grey..

  2. The diesel version of Linea gets a critically acclaimed and most awarded 1248cc oil-burner. This motor has been the game changer for Fiat, especiallyin the country like India. It is powerful, efficient and reliable, as compared to any other motor in its class. Driving the Linea with this1.3-Multijet under the hood feels absolute fun. Its power deliver remains linear and the response of engine is amazing. Its drivability on city roadsis so simple, thanks to the low end torque. This motor can pump out a maximum power of 91.7bhp at 4000rpm and a maximum torque of 209Nm at just2000rpm. However, its mileage is a big letdown, since it returns only about 20.4 kmpl..

  3. Customers can buy the new Fiat Linea from any dealership across India at the lowest available ex-showroom price of Rs. 7,00,454..

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  1. All three variants, Active, Emotion, and Dynamic, have much in common in terms of car technologies, interior features, and safety technologies.However, there are certain attributes that are either optional or absent in the Active and Dynamic, which are made standard or optional on the top-endvariant Emotion..

  2. Extreme Road Testing the Fiat Linea: Pune to Delhi (1600 Kms)..

  3. The rear bench seat also has an ergonomic design. But, we really felt surprised with the rear seating, thanks to the excellent thigh support andgreater leg space. Here, you also get a center armrest with cup holders and a storage tray as well..

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