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Renault clio battery buys

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Please Note. This information relates to the Renault D4F Engine. This is a 1.2 16V Engine has a single Cog driving the Cams and is different to other Engines fitted to Renaults. Make sure that you have the D4F Engine by looking at some of the pictures below and comparing with what yours looks like. Some of the other Engines in the Renault range will be completely different and will require different techniques and methods as those described below.





Source: http://www.donkennedy.co.uk/Clio/Clio.htm

The Club ...

At v6clio.net we aim to bring like minded enthusiasts together, not just as members, but as a strong and friendly team who appreciate the Clio v6 and just how exciting it is to own one of these extraordinary cars.

For just a small annual subscription Club Members receive the following benefits ...

  • Access to a growing list of discounts.
  • The ability to participate in regular Group Buys.
  • The opportunity to display their Clio V6 on dedicated v6clio.net stands at major shows and events.
  • Full access to all sections of the friendly v6clio.net forum packed with information about the Clio V6.
  • Access to store pictures of your car in our Owners Gallery.
  • Having your car proudly featured in our Car of the Month pages.
  • The opportunity to take part in Club competitions.
  • Members can also share and add useful technical information to our growing v6 knowledge base.

To Become a Full Club Member

The Car ...

A spin-off from the Clio Trophy race car series and first previewed at the Paris Motor Show in 1998, the Clio V6 230 Mk 1 finally hit the streets in 2001. Mid-engined and rear-wheel drive with a 3.0 litre V6 engine where the rear seats would normally be, the Clio V6 gives the driver supercar characteristics in a "pocket sized" package. In 2003 the Clio V6 255 Mk 2 was released with more power, improved suspension and updated looks. The last Clio V6 rolled out of the Renaultsport factory in late 2005.

All Clio V6s were hand assembled. The Clio V6 Mk1s were assembled at the Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR) workshops in Uddevalla in Sweden, using parts shipped from France. For the Clio V6 Mk2 production was returned to the Vee's spiritual home at the ex-Alpine Renaultsport Dieppe factory. To recognize the relative rarity of Clio V6s, each car is numbered with a plaque on the centre console behind the handbrake.

The Clio V6 is approaching cult status as production of these rare and beautiful cars has now ceased. The long-term reviews in Evo magazine were enthusiastic for both the Mark 1 and Mark 2 versions, and Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson commented "In my perfect ten car garage I would definitely have one of these – no question".

The Skill and Passion - Souhil Bimmer

Source: http://v6clio.net/

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